Successful Cases

Clinical Cases Study by Using Diabetes Recovery Capsule


Case One
Wang XX, male, physician with Guangxi County People Hospital.
herb8 years of diabetes type 2 history. In July 1994 narrated as blood fasting sugar 9.44mmol/l, urine glucose ( ++ ) , thirst, thin, sometimes worse sometimes better when using medicine. Taking Diabete Recovery Capsule three months he sent us feedback as blood fasting sugar 5. 66mmol/l, urine glucose ( - ) , no reaction of glycopenia, normal urination. Continued to take the medicine for another three months and reported as blood fasting sugar 5.1 – 6.2 mmol/l, no recurrence happened in the succeeding three years.


Case Two
Kang Fang, femal, 46. Handan Trasportation Company.
In February 1997 she was diagnosed as diabetes (type 2). blood fasting sugar at 9.9mmol/l, postprandial blood sugar at 18.70mmol/l, HbA1c at 9.3, HbAc at 10.4, urine glucose ( +++ ) . Taking the Diabetes Recovery Capsule from March 3, 1997 and gradually decreased the dosage of other medicine and 6 months later blood and urine check showed normal. No recurrence happented as of April 5, 2003.

Case Three

Hou Lianpeng, male, 62, Wuhan City.
In 1986 he got the confirmation of diabetes. Taking medicine for long time and the blood fasting sugar remained at 10.1-15.2mmol/l, urine glucose ( +++ ) and (++++), aceone body (++). Got worse in 1993 and began to use insulin 20-28u/ day. As a result, blood fasting sugar remained at 4.8-7.1mmol/l. Started to take Diabetes Recovery Capsule from March 1995 and decreased the insulin dosage. Six months later stopped to use insulin. 10 months later blood fasting sugar stayed at 6.2-7.4mmol/l, urine glucose ( + ). Continued with the medicine treatment for another 5 months and all indications turned normal. Stopped taking Diabetes Recovery Capsule later.



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