Diabetes Recovery Capsule

Diabetes Recovery Capsule (for diabetes type II)

Diabetes Recovery Capsule
(for diabetes type II)
Shukai TCM Diabetes Hospital was founded in Yingkou city, Liaoning Province in 1987. After long time development, there are now many diabetes professional doctors. Now we are becoming prominent medical institute in the fields of treating diabetes type 2 and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The Diabetes Recovery Capsule (for type 2) is widely used to treat diabetes and Fatigue & Depression Killer Pill is widely used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). For more information on treating diabetes with Chinese herbal medicine please click here.

The new treatment on diabetes by the way by using traditional Chinese medicine is the main focus of Shukai TCM Diabets Hospital, and Dr. Chang Xing continued to Shukai TCM Diabetes Hospitallead the research work for more than 10 years. The excellent clinical results of Diabetes Recovery Capsule gained a wide fame among patients with diabetes type 2 because of its high effective rate (improvement rate plus healing rate) of 91%. Dr. Chang, now serving as the principal of the hospital, received the special allowance from the China State Council due to his invention and contribution. His new herbal medicine series, passed appraisal by State medical Invention Committee in November 1989 and to be certified as 91% effective rate. By introducing the new medicine, Shukai TCM Diabetes Hospital brings improvement and fully recovery to many patients with diabetes type 2. The medical experts concluded that such treatment features high effective rate.

Diabetes Recovery Capsule chooses 24 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine as the ingredients and by modern processing technique the effective components become condensed and suitable for orally taking.

Such herbal medicine can effectivly eliminate the symptoms of diabetes and take blood sugar and urine glucose under control.It can regulate the function of neuroendocrine and immune system, assit the origin and secure the roots. Also, it can be used together with Western medicine and gradually decrease the doctors for diabetes treatmentdosage of Western medicine becomes possible when there comes the improvements. Also, it can diminish the side effects due to the long term Western medicine treatment. It can replenish the Chi and quicken the blood circulation, nourish the fluid and supplement the Yin aspects, invigorate the kindney and, liver. The clinical experiments verified that it can preven the complications happened with heart, brain, kidney and nerve system due to diabetes type 2. Therefore, such medicine can solve the problem of diabetes type 2 from all-around aspects.

From the clinical experiments carried out in Hubai People's Hospital, Wuhan TCM Hospital and Tianjin Tongrentong Hospital, it concluded that the effective rate can reach high up to 91% when patients take the medicine for 45 days. Excrement and uring and blood check show there was no obvious side effects till now, so it is suitable for long time taking.


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Animal experiments and long term clinical experiments gave the following conclusion:

  1. Effectively decrease the hyperglycosemia, no effects upon euglycemia, no reaction of glycopenia.
  2. Effectively lower blood fat, especially towards glycerine
  3. Effectively decrease the serum lipid peroxidaton, with antioxygen and protection effects, capable of prevening the diabetes complications
  4. The dosage can increase for much effects, to some extent
  5. For patients with Type II diabetes, it can finally bring them to tehe stage of living without any medicin while preserving the general health
  6. Suitable for long term oral taking. No obvious side effects found till now.
  7. When Western medicine treatment ineffective or not ideal, use it as assistance medicine can gain ideal effects. Later, patients can stop the Western medicine.
  8. Animal experiment shows the results of obvious decrease of serum urea nitrogen, and apparent increase of hemoglobin.

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